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2019 Fall Open House |11.8.19 | 8AM - 12PM | Registration Now Open!

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Educating The Christian Gentleman

Foremost in an Augustinian community are relationships. As such, connections between students and faculty members embody excellence in Augustinian education above all other elements and result in well-rounded students who easily transcend traditional classifications. These transformational relationships are essential to the effective, character-based education of young men. 

At the heart of a St. Augustine Prep education are the core values of Unitas (Unity), Caritas (Love), and Veritas (Truth)-- lived principles in every aspect of our school life. 

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Student Testimonials

Saint Augustine Prep has truly shaped me into a man to serve the world. During my time here, the Prep has challenged me and taught me brotherhood, integrity and perseverance — all of which have molded me into the gentleman I am today.
— D.J. Briggs (Class of 2017)

St. Augustine Prep is more than just a high school— it is a family. The Prep is a beautiful, comfortable, and enriching place to call my home away from home. I am inspired every day by the faculty and administration to exceed my personal expectations, and to grow into a Christian gentleman. Attending St. Augustine Prep has been the best decision that I have ever made, and I cannot imagine spending my high school years anywhere else.
— Antonio Talotta (Class of 2019)


Attending St. Augustine Prep has changed my life in ways I cannot even begin to fully understand. The connections I have made here with the faculty and my fellow students will undoubtedly stay with me throughout the rest of my life.
— Matthew Balestriere (Class of 2017)

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Can't Make it to Our open house?

If you are unable to attend our Open House, you are welcome to visit us during a time that better suits your schedule. Please call Mrs. Valarie Ward at (856) 697-2600 ext. 149 to plan your campus tour and informational session.

entrance exam options

Additional testing dates are available. Please call Mrs. Valarie Ward at (856) 697-2600 ext. 149 for more information on our scheduling a date to take the entrance exam.